• Ryan Calleja Urry

Interested In Zeus' Dating Life? Learn About Myths & Ancient Times In An Exciting Classics Course 🥰

So, have you ever been interested in mythology or the allure of the ancient world? 🤔

Of course you have.

Not only are the Greek gods pretty cool, but plenty of popular fiction like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, or even Lord of The Rings all cover some form of mythology in their own right.

In this 12 week online course, which allows you to sit for the MATSEC Intermediate Classical Studies exam, not only will you learn about the above mythic tales, but you'll also be introduced to the languages of Latin & Greek, ancient artworks and snapshots of classical literature, various forms of elaborate architecture like the Parthenon / Colosseum, as well as Roman military strategies & world-famous history like the Trojan War ⚔️


The Classics - Like History, Just Way More Interesting 😉

The classics are a deep dive into the times of old. You don't get a stale history lesson about who won which battle, rather, a picture of the culture as a whole. The art, architecture, day to day life, literature and everything in between.

Who was Alexander the Great? What was his vision? Who really was Julius Caesar? How did the Classical world create the most beautiful buildings in the world along with the most exquisite art? Was daily life for them very different to ours? Or similar? 🤔

All these questions and more are answered in very interesting ways, plus, you'll learn some very surprising facts along the way, like how one of history's most eccentric philosophers Diogenes apparently lived in a barrel 😂 Or how the city of Pompeii was littered with graffiti.


The Online Course ⚡️

The entire syllabus will be covered digitally in just a few weeks, starting on the 25th of June and running until the 17th of September. A 3-hour Mock Exam is organised for every student. The course is suitable both for complete beginners & for students who have finished 1st year or need some reinforcement before sitting for the exam.

  • Lessons are held online every Thursday, from 8.00 - 11.30 a.m(30 min break included)

  • Clear and precise student notes are provided for free in every unit of the course, no books need to be bought.

  • 33 total hours of online tuition.

  • Course payment is at just €220 😇

Whether you're a fan of languages or not, the knowledge gained from studying the Classics will be of immense benefit to students in virtually any modern faculty, particularly: Arts, Laws, Medicine, Philosophy & Theology.

Ready to dive into the old world? 👀

Click here to apply for the course ❤️

Oh and by the way! Since you're a student, you can sign up to the official Malta Classics Association for only €5 by clicking here 🙏


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