Interested In Teaching English? Get TELT Certified At ELA With This 2-Week Course 📚 ✅

Want to teach English as a Foreign Language? Don’t have your English A-Level? The TELT crash course at English Language Academy has you covered!

Their two-week course will run every weekday between 5pm and 8pm, starting from Monday 17th February 2020. (Applications end on the 7th of February)

This course will enable you to teach English as a foreign language in Malta and, as some course participants are currently doing, teach in other countries. Why should you take the course with ELA? Well, let's look at some of the details...


What is the course? 📖

The course offers a trainer-led programme with a fun and informative mix of:

  • Lectures/workshops

  • Past papers

  • Exam tips

  • SEPTT Support

  • Individual attention within small groups

  • No extra fee for exam

Throughout the course, students will be able to teach real students and observe both live and recorded lessons instead of simulated groups and classes. It's a 2-week preparatory course for the TELT exam, organised by the Department of Education’s ELT council.

To make sure that the student gets the best learning experience possible, ELA offers a one-to-one tutorial with the course coordinator to be able to discuss their ongoing progress in the course. This makes ELA the only TELT Cert Course in Malta to offer such a practical and personalised learning experience.


Why is it different to other courses?

We guarantee individual attention since we keep our groups small. The course is organised 3 weeks before the exam, with the last week being study week. Course participants are encouraged to go over the material at home and then arrange a meeting with the course coordinator to go over any difficulties encountered.

Price: Inclusive of registration, course material and exam is €145 (75% of which can be redeemed through the jobs plus "Training Pays Scheme" after the course is completed)


Interested? Contact ELA on with any questions 😊

Applications are now open until the 7th of February, so book now to reserve your spot & kickstart your teaching career today! 😁