• Daniel Tihn

Interested In Real Estate? Here's How Students Can Make Some Quick Cash While Studying 💸

Founded in 2008 by Bernard Mangion, Ben Estates Elite is a real estate company which focuses on finding the perfect place, at the perfect time, for the perfect people. Since their founding, Ben Estates Elite is one of the fastest growing real estate companies on the Island.

Where did all this success come from? Ben Estates Elite ensures that both buyers and sellers are updated on current market trends, making sure that both parties are satisfied with their sale/purchase through the company's stance on full transparency.

But why are we telling you this? Ben Estates Elite needs your help to find new properties for sale, paying you for all your efforts.

Do you want an easy way at earning some extra cash?

What a stupid question.

How to earn the mula

Ben Estates Elite are always looking for new listings to put on their site and new buyers who are looking for properties, and they want you to help them. If you know anyone looking to buy or looking to sell, then all you have to do is pass on their contact details.

What will you get for your help? You get the warm feeling that is satisfaction and the joy of knowing that you helped someone save a lot of time and hassle. And if that isn't enough for you, you also get 10% of Ben Estates Elite's fees which on average is €10,000 (for those who struggle with maths that's €1,000 per sale).

Here's how to get started

Getting started is super quick and easy. The moment you find your first property, send over an email to broker@benestates.com or phone them up on +356 99871230. From there, you will be directed to one of their agents, all while you are set up as a broker with no extra hassle from your end. Any time you find a new property or potential buyer, all you need to do is contact your agent, and Bob's your uncle.

It's as easy as that. For every sale that you helped make, you get around €1000 for essentially just pointing them in the right direction.

If you are interested, call Ben Estates Elite on +356 99871230 or email them at broker@benestates.com to get started today and earn yourself a couple of extra grands. 💸