• Daniel Tihn

Interested In Getting A TEFL Certification? ELA's Got You Covered

This Summer, English Language Academy will be running 2 TEFL Cert Courses. The courses will enable you to teach English as a foreign language in Malta and, as some course participants are currently doing, teach in other countries. But why would I take the course with ELA? Well, let's look at some of the details.


What is the course?

The first starting on Monday 1st July and the second on Monday 15th July, English Language Academy's TEFL Cert Course runs for a total of 3 weeks, Monday to Friday from 16:30 to 19:30, which is then followed by teaching practice and observations. The course offers a trainer-led programme with a fun and informative mix of:

  • Lectures

  • Hands-on Workshops

  • Observations of Real Communicative Lessons

  • One-to-One Tutorials

Throughout the course, students will be able to teach real students and observe both live and recorded lessons instead of simulated groups and classes.

To make sure that the student gets the best learning experience possible, ELA offers a minimum of 2 one-to-one tutorials with the course coordinator to be able to discuss their ongoing progress in the course. This makes ELA the only TEFL Cert Course in Malta to offer such a practical and personalised learning experience.


How do I complete the course?

To be able to finish the course, students must be able to complete 3 short assignments and a brief teaching practice session at the end of the course. Throughout the course, students will be provided with materials from ELA, ensuring that the students are able to complete the course and its assignments confidently. Also, all course participants have free unrestricted use of their teachers' library during the afternoon.


Entry Requirements

Before entering the course, a deposit of €50 is required to be able to secure your place, yet this registration fee is refundable upon the completion of the course provided you work for ELA right after. After that, the course fee is an affordable €240 (which can also be redeemed in full through the Training Pays Scheme after the course is completed) with an added €30 for course materials (which is waived after presenting this article when applying for this course).

To be accepted into the course, you must complete a straightforward 45-minute proficiency test with a pass mark of 75%.


If you are interested in attending the course, then please contact ELA on info@elamalta.com.

The courses start on Monday 1st July & Monday 15th July, so the sooner you book your place, the better. Happy learning!