• Daniel Tihn

Hugo's Rocco Burger: Now With A Saucy Update + Giveaway

Everyone's had the stereotypical Saturday night of going to PV, getting smashed, realising your mum's gonna kill you if you come home that drunk, wanting to sober up fast, and ending the night at Hugo's Burgers. To make sure that your żibel evenings don't get too stale, Hugo's has introduced a new sauce onto Rocco's Burger, a little twist to keep you coming back.

Jameson BBQ sauce

This new & delicious option comes in the form of this new yet familiar sauce. While keeping to a whiskey based sauce, any food (and drink) connoisseur can tell the difference between the Jameson and Jack Daniel's, both offering unique & great tastes.

The new Jameson BBQ sauce is NOT replacing Jack Daniel's, instead it's making the sauce a customisable part of the burger as you can now choose between the 2. So for all the Jack lovers out there, don't worry, they aren't taking away your favourite part of this iconic burger.

Giveaway time!

Thanks to Hugo's Burgers, we have the pleasure to announce that we will be giving away 2 Rocco's Burgers w/ Jameson Sauce!

All you have to do is tag a friend on our Instagram or Facebook post to be in for a chance to WIN these mouth-watering burgers.

Tell us if you are excited to taste this new and improved burger in the comments, and don't forget to tag a friend!