• Denise Perini

How To Deal With A Burnout

You probably read the title and rolled your eyes straight away. Yes - I know. 🙄

Sometimes you're just too busy riding that high wave of "The Grind Don't Stop" that you refuse to acknowledge there's such a thing as a burnout. But when the waves subside and you come crashing down, it can feel hard to get back on track.

So, here are some student friendly tips and tricks to help you cope with a burnout 🥰

Be Honest With How You're Feeling

The first thing you have to do is accept the fact that you are exhausted and 'so done'. Only then can you actually move on to making changes in your life.

The most importance step is to then identify your stressors, i.e. what is causing you to burnout. Is it your academics? Your daily life? Are you overworking? Once you find it - take the bull by its horns and find ways to elevate that stress 🤯

Give Yourself A Break

Essentially, F**k that "Grind Don't Stop" attitude. That grind will stop if you don't take time to recollect & reconnect 🌿

This is also vital because it helps you rediscover what you love doing, and why you love doing it. So if you're suddenly feeling like all of life's passion has been drained out of you, take some time to step back and reflect on that said passion. Go for a walk, paint, or better yet - SLEEP and you might just see it coming back!

Check In With Your Own Expectations

Did your teacher ever tell you that Macbeth's downfall was his own ambition? Exactly! 😬

Being ambitious is good but make sure your goals are realistic and that you're not expecting too much from yourself. In this day & age it's hard not to compare yourself to all those TikTokers and study tubers that make life look effortless and fun📱

But their priorities are different to yours. So make sure that you prioritise what is important & realistic for you and not Charli D'Amelio.

Set Boundaries & Learn How To Say No!

Learning how to say no is probably one of the best life lessons you can ever pick up.

Don't feel compelled to agree to every request thrown your way and juggle a million jobs.

Being busy has unfortunately become a badge of honour, a signifier of success. This results in us constantly saying yes, in order to prove we are worth something and turns into an eventual glorified burnout. 💣

By learning how to say no, you earn respect from yourself and those around you!

Focus On The Progress, Not Just The End Goal

It's all about the process not the product! 📈

Life is all about making mistakes & learning from them, and learning is all about the process. Be sure to measure your value with little goals that you achieve throughout the day. It can be as simple congratulating yourself for drinking 4 glasses of water 💦

Take some time to make a note of these goals & journal them down, and bit by bit you'll realise, just how much you're achieving! 📒

In short, burnouts aren't fun.

They stem your creativity, take away your passions, and leave you feeling numb. So take, these gentle reminders and heed them. Burnouts happen when we avoid being human for too long. So accept that over-pushing yourself won't get you anywhere. Just do your best.

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a while, including you! 💪