• Ryan Calleja Urry

Hoodie Season? 😍 Autumn Weather Approaching As Malta Faces Strong Winds & Rough Seas ⛈

It's happening 🌧

Not quite yet, but it's happening. Another hot and sweaty Maltese summer is coming to an end, and although most of us love a good suntan - hoodie season is approaching 👀

First Signs Of Autumn 🍁

Temperatures are starting to shift! While this week still has a few hot days, readings are expected to cool down across the Maltese islands.

As you can see from the above forecast, the main change will be in cloud coverage, with 4 days expected to be facing cloudy weather alongside low temperatures of 24°C.

In terms of UV index, it'll stay at a steady 9 and won't be making it past double digits, the sea may be pretty rough though with winds blowing as strong as Force 5.

The Force 5 reading is a result of moderate to strong northwesterly winds blowing across the central Mediterranean at the moment, does this mean a storm could be on the way? 😨

What the above means for you is simple:

#1 - It's still gonna be a little hot, but some summer nights may be fresher than usual.

#2 - Storms might be on the way, so make sure you cancel any car wash appointments.

#3 - If you're a guy, make sure every girl that's stolen a hoodie from you gives it back. If you're a girl...do NOT give them back 😇

Prepare your umbrellas ☔️

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