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Higher Secondary Students Are Furious At 'Terrible' Learning Situation Happening On Campus 🏫 😷

Students Speak Out 🗣️

FreeHour have recently received a very long email from a group of Higher students, detailing an apparently very poor school situation.

Before we cover the following info, we'd like to make it clear that we're simply reporting student concerns here, in order to raise awareness. We are not trying to paint the school in any sort of intentionally negative light.

Unfortunately though, there do seem to be quite a few issues...

Problem After Problem 😒

According to the email we received, which was sent out to many officials such as Education Minister Owen Bonnici, there's a long list of problems that need to be addressed 👇

  • Bad Wifi all around the premises results in problems connecting to online lectures.

  • Students being forced to sit on corridor floors, side-by-side, due to insufficient facilities.

  • Leaking ceilings are causing floods

  • 2 positive cases were detected at the premises

  • Alarming changes in timetables which are increasing in-person physical lectures

  • Several problems whilst online in lessons using school internet (glitching slideshows, unclear sound/ failing to enter the lesson due to poor connection) 

  • Nothing being done to safeguard student wellbeing (anxiety issues and mental health)

  • The continued risk of using public transport in order to come to school

"These things could easily be fixed with proper guidance and planning like other schools have already done"

Back to Online? 🤔

With regards to the above issues, students are strongly suggesting a move back to online learning. They feel this will significantly help for the below reasons...

  • Higher lecture attendance rates

  • Better surroundings to listen to and focus on lectures

  • Enable a far better educational experience

  • No risk of travelling and contamination from public transport  

  • No risk of in-school contamination

"We need to start acting as soon as possible as this is a situation that is worsening every day"

Any Other Issues? 🤨

Students emailing informing the school that they won't be attending due to testing positive / living with a positive individual, have not received a reply nor has the school enabled contact tracing to prevent the further spread of the virus 😡

Students are also claiming to see...

  • cleaners without masks

  • students not maintaining social distancing

  • Large clusterings of groups of more than 6 people

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