• Ryan Calleja Urry

"Hey Siri, I’m Getting Pulled Over" Shortcut Simplifies Recording Police & Protecting Yourself 🎥 👮

Following numerous weeks of protests that are still going on, we've all seen how the recording of videos is essential in capturing misconduct by law enforcement.

Not only was the video of George Floyd a vital part of these protests, but many other videos of riots that followed have given the public an idea of the many different injustices taking place on a regular basis.

So, in an attempt to keep on recording the police, as well as further protecting civilians, a new iPhone feature has been regaining popularity...

Siri Security 📸

With the new Apple shortcut, "Siri I’m getting pulled over” - people finally have a safety net they can rely on in tense situations with the police

Once activated, your phone does a number of different things at the same time, like pausing your music, dimming your phone brightness and sending your current location to anyone in your contact list 👇

Believe it or not the shortcut itself came out back in 2018.

It's been receiving consistent updates since and has now gained renewed attention following international protests against police brutality.

How To Get The Shortcut 🎥

Malta isn't necessarily hot in the news for police brutality, but that doesn't mean that injustices don't occur regularly.

So, if you'd like an extra layer of safety, follow these steps 👇

1) Make sure you're running iOS 12 or higher.

2) Download the Shortcuts app here on the App store.

3) Visit this link from the built-in Safari browser to setup the shortcut.

4) Go to Settings > Shortcuts and toggle Allow Untrusted Shortcuts and give the program access to your location.

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