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Hermanos Launch New Burger Of The Month "Royal Chicago Bacon" 😲 🤤

More International Recipes 🌎

Hermanos Burgers have been offering tasty burgers from around the world for a while now, and as 2021 gets underway, things definitely aren't slowing down as they reveal their brand new Burger Of The Month for January...

Their Brand New Burger 👇

The Royal Chicago Bacon 👑

If you want a taste of America, this burger will definitely satisfy your cravings 😉

This juicy burger is stacked with 3 patties, 4 delicious slices of American cheese, a massive load of bacon, some crispy onions - all topped off with Mayo.

This menu option is a dream for meat & cheese lovers, if you're into American cuisine you really can't go wrong here - not the burger for vegetarians or vegans that's for sure 😅

New Paola Outlet & Late Night Delivery! 👀

In case you weren't aware, Hermanos are one of the few burger places that stay open until late! They're open till 11 AM on weekdays and a stunning 3 AM on weekends! Truly a lifesaver during all-nighter study sessions!

Also, if you live in the south, their new Paola outlet will be sure to drastically reduce your delivery time - and you can even go pick up your food from the outlet itself.

The Brothers That Keep On Giving 😍

Hermanos have quickly proved themselves to be one of the top contenders for best burger spot on the island, thanks to their unique recipes, innovative branding and flavours, and a consistent desire to do things differently.

The team at FreeHour have tried Hermanos burgers personally, and we love them!

Let us know what you think 😉

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