• Corrine Zahra

Here’s Why Partisan Politics Can Be Dangerous & How It Affects Your Vote

What Does Partisan Mean?

By definition, a partisan is a committed member of a political party. In multi-party systems, it means someone that strongly support their party’s policies & isn’t willing to compromise with political opponents.

More often than not, this kind of person would not have an objective viewpoint or try to consider the opinions & beliefs of others.

In short, the extreme form of a partisan is someone who believes in political parties & candidates blindly, without being politically literate, questioning, or having the proper political educational background.


Why Is Partisan Politics Dangerous?

When political parties are elected into government, they are suddenly given the platform to project their ideas & implement the changes that they want for the country.

A political party wants to get elected to government not only for the good of the people but also to ensure that their followers keep following & supporting them.

As citizens, we must always question & criticise those in power when necessary. Falling prey to Partisan Politics could lead to manipulation of our own thoughts & beliefs.


How Does Partisan Politics Affect Voting?

Every citizen should vote according to their own particular beliefs, yet the aim of Partisan Politics is to influence people, & people do vote according to that influence sometimes.

Since the system allows for such influence, people might not understand who they’re voting for & what the consequences are.

If you choose to vote blindly, you aren’t informed on your decision, & such a choice then affects who wins an election or not. The people that represent your country will make certain decisions that you should understand.

How Informed Of A Decision Do You Think You Will Make?