• Daniel Tihn

Here's When To Expect Your MATSEC A-Level Results 🧐

It's time. A-Level results are right around the corner, and rumours are spreading like wildfire as students speculate when they will be receiving their results.

Earlier this week, A-Level students received an email from MATSEC which caused outrage to erupt as every student nearly had a heart attack when they thought the message contained their results. Alas, it was simply MATSEC notifying everyone that the results will be in before the 17th July, i.e. this coming Wednesday.

As each day passes, anxiety and stress levels double as we get closer to the date, yet MATSEC still has not publicly announced a hard-date for the results, spurring rumours as to when they will come out.

Many people have started saying that they will be coming out on Friday, the 12th of June, before the weekend. Others say that they are most likely to spread the good & bad news on Monday, after the weekend. But after phoning MATSEC, one rumour seems to be more trustworthy than the other.

Earlier today, we phoned up MATSEC to see when are the most likely dates that the results will be coming out. They told us that they are working on the results as we speak and expect the texts to be sent out the beginning of next week or during the weekend.

While it may be unlikely that the results will be coming out on Saturday or Sunday, it is clear that MATSEC are leaning towards releasing the results before their 17th deadline. Beginning of the week may not exactly mean Monday either, but that may be the most likely date to put your expectations on.

No date is ruled out. For all anyone knows, the results could come out late at night on the 17th or early morning on the 12th. When it comes to MATSEC, you can never be certain in these kinds of things.

Are you confident in your results? Or are you terrified to receive them? Tell us in the comments below 😬