• Yana Bugelli

Here's What Everyone Gets Wrong About The Depp & Heard Trial

Weighing In The Trial

From the avid Depp loyalists to the "holier than thou" pro-Heard crowd, we have now progressed from one extreme to another.

In the midst of the trial, many rushed to support the beloved actor & bash Heard. Millions were scrutinising her every move & picking her apart for the most mundane actions.

With the trial being televised, the controversy was somewhat to be expected. That being said, it is undeniable that the comments posted were outright inappropriate & unfair.

Misdirected Misogyny

After the verdict came out, many publications accused the trial of being misogynistic & unfair. This is likely based on some out-of-context quotes or TikToks.

However, the trial itself was certainly not sexist. In fact, all the court did was prove that Amber Heard's blatantly false allegations weren't "women proof".

The misogyny came from the excessive hatred found online. Heard had to endure sexist comments, mocking memes & even death threats.

There is no "winner" or "loser" in cases of domestic abuse.

Who's The Victim?

Regardless, we cannot label this scenario as a case of misogyny just because a woman didn't win a case of domestic abuse.

Actually, it would be an ideal move for feminists to acknowledge that domestic abuse can go both ways. Anyone can be a victim.

By no means was Johnny Depp entirely innocent & luckily the jury realised that. He was ordered to pay $2 million in compensatory damages. Additionally, we must all agree that Depp's remark about his ex-wife's "corpse" was vile.

Respecting #MeToo

However, a woman accusing her ex-husband of abuse in ways that are so evidently inaccurate completely diminishes everything that the #MeToo movement has tried so hard to achieve.

Both of these people are victims of their abusive relationship & mental health. This case could've shined a light on mental health issues, instead of becoming a battle of the sexes.

Untreated mental disorders can have severe repercussions. Both of these people needed help & did not deserve to have their weakest moments online for all to see.

Although there is no justification for abuse, there is always an explanation.