• Daniel Tihn

Here's How To Reach Students Through FreeHour's Summer Offers Section

FreeHour is a mobile app that allows students to share their timetable with their friends. With a total of 18,100 users registered on the app, FreeHour is used by approximately 70% of all Maltese students from all Sixth Forms and Uni's including Junior College, Saint Aloysius' College, De La Salle College, MCAST, and UoM; making it the largest student app on the island. You can find some more info about the app here.

This Summer, we are changing the way we do Student Offers and we would like YOU to be a part of it.

What Are The Student Offers?

Throughout the year, we provide offers and discounts to various student-related outlets such as restaurants & eateries, activities, fitness centres, and many more. During the normal scholastic season, we would normally have a maximum of 2 offers per week, each offer staying up for 2 weeks. This Summer, this is being changed to having an unlimited amount of offers for the WHOLE Summer period, meaning each offer will be up for a total of 3 months, until the end of Summer.

These offers are found on the FreeHour app in the Student Tab under the Student Offers section. Each offer has 2 options of how they can be redeemed, either via showing the offer at the counter during your purchase or a promo code which can be entered during an online purchase.

Joining The Section

Before getting into how you can get your offer on the app, let's look at the options available regarding pricing and promotion. With 2 levels of Student Offers, there is a Basic Offers listing and a Premium option with more exposure and advertising opportunities.

The Basic listing consists of an offer being put up in our Student Offers section for 3 months. This offer is in the hands of the client; whether it's a percentage reduction or a buy 1, get 1 free style offer, there are no limitations or maximum percentages or amounts. This option only costs €250 for the whole 3 months.

At an extra €150 (putting the total up to €400) the Premium option includes the Basic 3 month listing and few extra bonus advertising tools to help get your offer and name out there. These include:

  • Your offer will be at the top of the Student Offers section for 30 days.

  • A push notification being sent out to our entire user base.

  • Social media coverage on our Facebook and Instagram accounts boosting the offer.

If you are interested in posting an offer on the FreeHour app, then all you need to do is email sales@freehour.eu. From there, one of our representatives will get in touch and organise a meeting to discuss the logistics of the offer to ensure that it goes up as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or want to get in touch with us, please contact sales@freehour.eu and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you!