Here’s A Summary On What’s Changing With This UOM Semester's Exams, Dissertations & Placements 🚨

Yesterday, the Senate had its first online meeting in order to take decisions concerning a number of issues that have been impacted by the current COVID-19 emergency. Several decisions below are not necessarily covered by current regulations, so special regulations will have to be enacted to cater for this.

Examinations ✍️

1) - As of now, University exams will take place, but will not be held through traditional means of physical attendance in a classroom.

2) - Exam schedules will be published at least 1 month before the examination session.

3) - Written supervised examinations shall be substituted by written assignments (to be uploaded on VLE) or take-home examinations.

4) - Faculties / Institutes / Centres / Schools (FICS) are considering alternative methods of assessment where necessary, an announcement will be made before 17th April 2020.

5) - For small groups of students, possible alternative methods of assessment could take the form of viva-voce examinations (involving a minimum of 2 examiners) via Zoom (or other suitable online platforms).

Re-sits 📝

• Re-sits are to be held no earlier than 8 weeks after the first sitting of the relevant examinations. The examination format of the re-sit will match the first sit.

Erasmus & Exchange Visits ✈️

Students who could not complete their studies for the semester with the overseas university where they attended shall be allowed to register for UM study-units. Lecturers will be providing assistance to make up for missed lectures.

Dissertations 📑

1) - Students to submit their dissertation by soft copy on VLE so that the assessment process can proceed without delay. You will be asked to submit a hard copy at a later stage. 2) - FICS shall decide on extensions of deadlines for submission of dissertations (both undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) ) where these are deemed to be necessary.

3) - Where viva-voce examinations are part of the method of assessment, in the case of UG programmes, this requirement can be waived if the Faculty Board so decides.

4) - In the case of doctoral theses and master by research dissertations, the viva voce examinations shall be held virtually.

Student Progression 📚

Students will be allowed to progress to the next year of their studies even if they've failed more than 12 ECTS credits, due to problems & difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This limit shall be established FICS, acting on the advice of Boards of Study.

Lab-based Projects, Clinicals & Practicals 🔬🧪

1) - The Rector will be asking the Superintendent of Public Health whether it is possible to allow a very limited number of students who need to work in laboratories to continue with their research, with health & safety conditions being respected at all times. Students shall be informed of the outcome as soon as possible. 2) - Clinical placements at Mater Dei Hospital are currently ongoing but not for all students. The suspended placements will be performed when the situation in the hospital permits.

3) - Clinical examinations will be scheduled as soon as possible following completion of the placements & will be dependent on the availability of the clinicians who need to act as examiners. Alternative venues for the clinical examinations shall be identified away from Mater Dei Hospital.

4) - It is recognised that for the dental and health care professions, the assessment of clinical skills relies on continuous assessment during the placement session itself. For continuing students, it may be necessary to delay placements to the next year of the course.

Final year students 👨‍🎓👩‍🎓

Every effort shall be made so that final year students will be able to complete their studies within the usual time-frame and, if this is not feasible, as early thereafter as possible.

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