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Here's 5 Tips For Managing Your Workload 📚

Managing your workload at work isn't easy - it definitely requires a level of structure to be effective and productive.

The first thing you need to do is to calm yourself down until you have a positive perspective to treat your work.

1. Make A List Of Tasks

Giving yourself too many tasks for the day isn't going to help you get your work done. In turn, you'll just become more frustrated at yourself when you don't manage to get it all done.

Give yourself an amount of tasks for the day that you are capable of doing and you'll start to see productivity results.


2. Make A Schedule For The Week

Divide your tasks across the week and calculate how much time each one will take. Scheduling your week helps reassure your mind that you'll manage the workload.


3. Remove Distractions

Whether it's your phone or other people in the office, we're surrounded with distractions. If need be, isolate yourself in your office or put your office in a drawer, focusing on your work is essential to get it done efficiently.


4. Take Breaks

Too much work can be overwhelming and stressful - so take a break! When you've finished a task, take a 2-minute break to help re-align your concentration onto your next task.


5. Don’t Be A Yes Person

If you’re already juggling a lot, is it wise to take on more? Learn to say “no.” It’s a common characteristic to want to please your manager and look like a “can do” person.

But here’s the thing: it’s always up to you to draw the line.


6. Give Yourself A Treat!

After a full day of work, you're definitely going to need a reward! Only give yourself that reward you've completed your tasks for the day - and it'll really feel satisfying that you've got your work done.

Prioritisation is key to staying on top of a hefty workload.

Sticking to a strategy and mind set that works for you will help you manage your workload productively!

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