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Growing Personal Brand For Career Excellence - A Guide For Students To Earn A Winning Reputation 🤩

This article is written by Robert Delia. Robert is a regular lecturer at the University of Malta with over 20+ years of professional experience organizing and delivering training in a variety of fields. He holds an MBA from Henley Management College, as well as a B.A.(Hons) in Business Management and B.Comm Accounts & Management.

His passion is developing people to their full potential.

The term Personal Brand refers to the image that others have of us...

This is based upon knowledge, experiences and interactions that others would have had with us, and what it is that they are expecting from us. In other words, the strength of our personal brand depends very much on what we do, as well as what we say.

But how do we develop our personal brand? What are the features that make up a strong personal brand? Apart from various research that has been carried out, personal experience has taught me that there are 3 fundamental characteristics...

#1 - Uniqueness.

Everyone is different and we should never shy away from what distinguishes us from others.

Our differences are what make us stand out, and in a world where new connections are constantly being made and new work opportunities are always on the horizon, standing out is a must for anyone who wants to shine in a stellar position.

#2 - Connectivity.

Or in other words, how well known we are – and for the right reasons – which significantly affects our personal brand. The more connected we are within professional and social circles, then the stronger our personal brand becomes.

Sometimes, it's more about who you know than what you know, so building a family of people who are there for you when you need them (& vice versa) is excellent for your reputation.

#3 - Consistency.

Developing a strong personal brand means that we are consistent in our relationships. This includes how we communicate with others, how we behave in the presence of others, and how we react when handling any situation.

Like everything in life, the more we focus on and contribute to these three characteristics, the stronger our personal brand will become. You'll only build muscle through consistent workouts - the same applies here.

Get To Work! 😉

Developing our personal brand has nowadays become a fundamental part of our daily life, be it at home, social activities, educational activities and work.

In the words of Jeff Bezos, our personal brand is reflected in what others say about us when we are not present. In other words, our personal brand is explained by the impression that others have of us, this kind of positive impression is a prerequisite to a successful career.

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