Graduating And Looking For Your Dream Job? Meet Employers IRL At This KSU Career's Week

Your Next Move 🎯

Like a lot of your fellow students, you're probably wondering what you're going to do once your course is over. Will you instantly find a dream job? Will it be a panicked struggle of climbing a low-paying ladder? With postgraduate degrees, internships, as well as various job opportunities - it's tough to decide what to do next.

Cue KSU's Career Expo on UOM campus - a yearly event that focuses on bridging the gap between students & their potential employers. KSU provides students with practical first-hand information & knowledge on a wide spectrum of different industries present in Malta.

This year's KSU Careers Expo is your perfect opportunity to get ahead! You can meet up with various businesses, faculties & student organisations who are all ready to answer your questions & give real career-path advice rooted in experience.

You'll also have the chance to leave your CV & get that key first interview with some of Malta's top companies right there and then.

There'll be loads of different brands & companies to talk to on-site, one great example for a number of students might be....

Some Star Companies To Visit ⭐️

GCS - With opportunities in Auditing & Accounts, I.T, Human Resources & even Marketing - you'll find no shortage of insight at this stand.

Deloitte - One of Malta's leading firms, offering Consulting, Tax, Risk Advisory, all things Finance and much more.

Fenech & Fenech - A perfect visit for law students, this is the oldest law firm in Malta which has been delivering practical legal solutions since 1981.

Ennesse - These guys are all about accounting, with roles ranging from Credit Control Officer, to Finance Coordinator, to Payroll Executive.

eCabs - They have way more opportunities than just cab drivers! In fact, they're currently looking for people in Data Analysis, Marketing, Systems Engineering & Management.