• Ryan Calleja Urry

Calling All Graduates! Get Hired This Summer With Castille's Top Tier Student Consultant Services ✨

Get Your First Job In No Time! ⏱

The sleepless nights and hours of studying & revising have finally added up, you've FINALLY graduated - but wait, where are the jobs at? If you're anything like most students, you're probably super eager & excited to get your career started ASAP, so here's how 👇


Exciting, But Stressful 😅

No, we're not talking about the last episode of your favourite Netflix series. We're talking about making sure you find the perfect first job to kickstart your journey.

Introducing Castille

Castille have worked with countless graduates in the past. They have a specialised Talent Acquisition & Advisory team, who are ready to answer all your questions and guide you through the complicated ups and downs of recruitment.

Whether you want that dream job, or just a place to start climbing the ranks, they've got you covered. At the moment, they've got a number of technical and financial roles in a variety of sectors with both local and international companies, including:

You can get advice on salary expectations, how to negotiate for raises, what extra qualifications you can get to put you ahead of the curve and much, much more.


Ready To Get Started? 😁

Send in your CV today here and one of Castille's consultants will get in touch & walk you through the next steps.