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Got Your Results? Considering Your Next Move? Get Expert Advice At This Free Student Event ✅

Got Your Results? It's Time To Take Action!

Your A level results are finally out, and there are so many decisions to make!

Don't let this stress you out though, your hard work has paid off, now it's time to make the next big step in your life. The question is - where do you start?


Learn From The Best.

Deloitte are actually holding the perfect event! Members of their team will be heading down to the centrally located 230 Works Cafe on the 18th of August, and you can talk to them for free to get some insight into the industry.

You'll get career advice from people that are studying right now, or have graduated in the last few years. You'll get tips and tricks from their failures and successes, and you'll get guidance on which path to take if you're still a little unsure on what your future holds.

If you're ready to get started on this new chapter, Deloitte is the perfect place to start - and you can register today.

Trust us, you need all the information you can get before making big decisions in your life, and talking to experienced professionals will help you understand more about what your options are - these conversations could very well change your life!


Deloitte can help if you're interested in pursuing an ACCA certification, or reading for a degree in: Business, Accountancy, Economics, Banking, Insurance, Finance, Law, I.T. , Programming, A.I. & many more!

Whether you're sure or still undecided - speak to a professional!.

Oh, and there'll also be a free Deloitte goody bag - as well as snacks & refreshments provided by Eeetwell 💚

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