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Got A Business Idea? 🚨 Launch Your Own Startup & Gain Real Work Experience With JAYE Malta 😍 🚀

Ready To Level-Up Your CV? 👀

As the world’s largest and 7th most impactful youth-serving NGO, JAYE prepares young people for employment and entrepreneurship through some incredible experiences.

Who Is JAYE? 🤔

JAYE Malta was founded as a non-profit entrepreneurship education institution to empower and inspire students to transform their futures. They do this by offering loads of practical experience in business, financial literacy & employability skills through various programmes.

JAYE believes that young people have boundless potential that is just waiting to be discovered, and are committed to cultivating innovative mindsets. They pride themselves on teaching the youth how to manage their finances through smart saving, investing & thoughtful planning - thereby increasing employment and community value.

Opportunity #1 - The Company Programme ⭐️

The JAYE Malta Company Programme offers 6th Form students the opportunity to take a business idea, formulate it, and make it a reality over the course of just 2 semesters - connecting youths to an international network of business professionals.

JAYE's Malta Company Programme is based on their principle of learning by doing and provides a structure that takes participants through every phase of company creation. The innovative experience is delivered through hands-on workshops, guidance by mentors and a judging panel’s feedback at each respective stage.

The programme lasts a total of 9 months, and is done in collaboration with your respective 6th form. Each school has a link teacher, who will be supporting & tracking your progress.

The programme fee is just €35, a one-time payment that will cover your entire experience.

This also covers the certificates you'll receive upon course completion, namely: the 'JAYE Certificate of Completion', a Deloitte 'Business Plan Certification of Participation' & The 'Non-Formal Award in JAYE Company Programme (MQF 3)' - all hugely beneficial for your CV.

Why YOU Should Apply! 😁

Being a part of JAYE is a fantastic opportunity for all students, not just those interested in business. You get the opportunity to be your own boss, lead your own idea, and form part of a global network filled with unlimited opportunities.

As an experience, the programme intends to have the following learning outcomes with regards to the student:

  • Develop Financial Literacy 💰

  • Work on the ability to prepare & give a presentation to an audience 🗣

  • Create & execute a Business Plan 🔢

  • Build higher levels of confidence, especially in the business world 😁

  • Improve decision making & negotiating 👌

  • Improve collaboration & communication skills 🙌

  • Engage in creative thinking, ideation & problem-solving activities 💡

  • Normalise healthy levels of risk-taking ✅

  • Perfect time management & goal setting

Most notably, this is also a huge plus for your CV, as you'll gain invaluable experience as well as many internship opportunities. Also, there are no textbooks 😉

Opportunity #2 - Startup Programme 🚀

The JAYE Start-Up Programme is aimed at 19 to 30-year-olds, and is perfect for passionate individuals that feel they might have some entrepreneurial spirit. Launched in 2014, it introduces tertiary education students into the world of start-ups, preparing you to pitch your business to potential investors.

The Start-Up programme walks you through all the stages required to build a functional business concept; based on market research, prototyping and business pitching.

As a bonus, students will also benefit from receiving feedback from JAYE's esteemed judges and business mentors. These will provide essential critiques and ideas on how you can improve, at every step of the way. Allowing you to become investor-ready, faster.

For University of Malta students, the StartUp Programme can be found as a DegreePlus Course, and is delivered in collaboration with UM. The programme lasts for 9 months, and applications close on the 25th of October.

Interested? Apply here -> www.jayemalta.org/enrol 🥰

Apply now ✅

If you're ready to kick off a fantastic journey, click here to enrol today. If you'd like to learn more you can follow JAYE on Facebook or visit their website 🥰

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