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Good News 🚨 Malta Ranks 3rd Best In Global Test Rates & €100 Vouchers Could Return In Christmas 🎅

Some positivity during the chaos 😅

Today, we thought we'd highlight two parts of good news happening on our little Mediterranean island, to give your mind a little bit of a break, enjoy 👇

Part 1 - Responsible Testing 😁

Malta is currently testing more people per capita than all but 2 other countries worldwide, making us the 3rd best country in the world for COVID-19 testing figures.

This rating has come from popular testing website ourworldindata.org, which ranked Malta in terms of daily tests carried out per 1,000 people.

To give you some perspective, Luxembourg is ranked 7th with a rate of 1.97, meaning Malta’s current testing rate is more than double that of any other EU member state.

Prime Minister Robert Abela referred to the testing rate statistics during an interview last Sunday, saying:

“It’s a fact that the more tests you carry out, the more cases you will find. We are seeking out these positive cases whereas other countries, for reasons of convenience or otherwise, are keeping their testing rates low."

Part 2 - More Vouchers? 😲

Tony Zahra has come out and appealed for a repeat of the €100 voucher scheme to take place in December, to coincide with Christmas celebrations.

If you didn't know, Zahra has been a part of a number of constituted bodies including being Senior Vice President of the Federation of Industries, Council Member of the Malta Chamber of Commerce & most recently as President at the Malta Hotels & Restaurants Association.

“Although we don’t have the exact figures, we believe that around 30% of the vouchers were used in the first five weeks since they were issued, which amounts to €10 million spend at restaurants and hotels,” Zahra said.

This kind of data is very encouraging, helping many in the retail industry to see an increase in their clientele and a boost to their income.

In a recent survey carried out by the Association of Catering Establishments (ACE), a large majority of the organisation’s 377 members said that the government-issued vouchers were crucial in allowing their business to remain open.

A spokesperson for ACE said that on average, 60% of the organisation’s members’ revenue was generated through these vouchers in the past few weeks. He also noted that the vouchers contributed to around 80% of the revenue of restaurants in the south.

Do you think that the €100 voucher scheme should come back? 🤔

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