• Daniel Tihn

Global Warming: How Can Maltese Students Help Save Our Planet 🌴

The climate is changing. Every year, the Summer temperatures rise with a boiling intensity and the Winter weather lowers at a chilling rate. Everyone knows about Global Warming and its effects (if you don't you probably live under a rock), but the solution is where things get a little grey. Everyone wants to help save our planet, or at least contribute to the environment's safety, so here are some ways that will make any Maltese student a guardian of the Earth.

Beach Clean Ups

Our country is made up by a lot of beach area, so helping clean up one of our golden attractions will certainly help the cause. Whether you go as part of a group of friends or for an organised beach clean up, helping clean up in any shape or form will create an impact. Microplastics are everywhere on our beaches hiding in between the rocks and the soft sand, so clearing them out will not only help the environment but will give you a proper day's work out.

Driving Less

Driving brings a certain freedom as you are now free to go anywhere without having to worry about being shackled to bus times & routes, but it also isn't helping the traffic nor the environment. Malta has one of the worst air pollutions in Europe as we have a highly dense city-like island with little wildlife to compensate. While it may feel impossible to never drive again, taking the bus or carpooling every now and then will go a long way.

Eating Less Meat

Before you get too upset about being told to not eat meat, let's look at some of the facts. Around 14% of the world's greenhouse gasses come from agriculture in the form of methane gas which is 23 times more harming than carbon dioxide. Now, the methane is produced by the approximate 1.5 billion cows and other farm animals that are bred for food through their flatulence & belching. Yes, one of the biggest causes of global warming is cows farting and burping. So maybe eating less meat could reduce your carbon foot print by more than you think.

Avoiding Palm Oil

One of the leading causes of deforestation, palm oil is everywhere. Unfortunately, it is in a lot of your favourite foods such as bread, ice cream, and chocolate (and is also found in a lot of cosmetic products) making it that much harder to stay away from. The same as eating less meat, it may feel impossible to cut yourself off from these delicious treats but the next time you buy a massive jar of Nutella, just remember that you are helping destroy trees & habitats, in turn increasing climate change.

Recycling & Compost

This global warming solution may be the easiest to do as you can do it from the comfort of your own house without too much extra hassle. Now that we have the bio-degradable bin bags, you can sort your rubbish into general waste, recycling, and compost. Okay, you will have to remember this when you are throwing things away and taking out the bin bags, but every little helps, especially when it's helping the planet you live on.

Tell us in the comments your plans for helping the environment and any other suggestions that will help our planet. 🌎