• Ryan Calleja Urry

GIVEAWAY: Here's How To Win A Brand New iPhone 11! 🤩 📱

Summer's over, school's back, gross. We get it, it sucks, but what if it could suck a little less? What if you could start the semester off with a brand new top of the range Apple phone? Well actually, you kind of can...

FreeHour have decided to hook up a lucky winner with one of Apple's best devices to date, the iPhone 11. Boasting surgical-grade stainless steel, wireless charging, advanced Face-ID, and a dual-camera system with adjustable depth control, it's safe to say this iPhone is a beast.

- How to WIN -

If you want to win this beautiful, brand-new iPhone 11, then all you need to do is open the FreeHour app, tap on the newly added "Freshers" Tab, and open the GO section.

If you're too lazy to do any of that, here are the details for the giveaway:

  1. Screenshot the worst day of your timetable 😡

  2. Post it to your Instagram story 📲

  3. Tag @freehour_app and @playbygo in the post 😎

You can download FreeHour here for FREE right now on all devices! P.S. You should check out the Freshers' tab when you're done, there's a McDonalds offer too 🎉