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Give The Gift Of Relaxation To Your Loved Ones This Christmas At This High-End Luxury Spa 😍

Looking For Christmas Gifts? 🤔

You might want to consider giving your loved ones a memorable experience this year, one that alleviates the stress this long year has caused.

A great place that does this is Carisma Spa & Wellness, who offer top of the line luxurious massages in malta & and are a popular spa day destination👇

Who Are Carisma Spa & Wellness?

Carisma Spa & Wellness have been in the business for 30+ years now, and their treatments are hand-picked by expert therapists from around the world...

Known for their flagship Hammam Turkish Bath, they offer a variety of luxury treatments from across the globe. From the relaxing oils of the Indian Ayurvedic Massage, to the healing effects of the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage.

Carisma's mission statement is a simple one, to nurture the connection between the body, mind and soul of all their customers. After all, if you or your loved ones are stressed, there's no better escape than unwinding with a massage by the pool, jacuzzi or sauna 🥰

Pamper Someone You Love This Christmas 🤩

Choosing your gift is a super easy 3 step process: just pick your package, create your personalised gift card & pay online in minutes.

At their Award-Winning facilities, Carisma offer a multitude of services:

#1 - World famous massages from across the globe

#2 - Luxury Facials

#3 - Manicures & Pedicures

​#4 -​ Body Care Treatments

#5 - Malta's only authentic Turkish Hammam

#6 - Cutting edge Skin Care Products

Cherry On The Cake 🍒

Last but not least, Carisma's gift cards are also highly personalized & perfect for Christmas.

Ranging between €25 and €170, these vouchers can be customised with custom messages and even a personal photo - plus, you save up to €30 when choosing gift cards! These are valid for an entire year, and can be redeemed at any Carisma Spa outlet on the island.

If you like what you're seeing, you can learn more about Carisma's various treatments & extensive package options by clicking here and visiting their website ❤️

You can also reserve your spot today by clicking here 😇

Some Well Needed Relaxation 😇

Whether you're interested in treating yourself or a loved one, a spa day in Malta is a great way to decompress and let go of the long list of worries this year has brought about.

Again, if you're curious, be sure to visit Carisma's website to find out about their many spa packages - from couple packages to spa party packages, to free lunches 😅

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