• Ryan Calleja Urry

Get Your Nautical License & Enter The Yachting Industry With MaritimeMT!

Ever Considered The Yachting Industry?

The world of yachting is a vast & open sea of opportunities, it's a very challenging yet rewarding career path to say the least. Not only does it pay well, you'll also get to travel the world in the process!

First up though, you will need to get qualified. Luckily, the internationally recognised MaritimeMT have an excellent selection of courses - ready to get you sailing in no time!

Why Choose Maritime?

#1 - Dedicated Training Centre

Maritime's facilities are equipped with the latest & greatest technologies - including simulated solutions, online learning management systems and more!

#2 - Specialised Instructors

All Maritime's instructors are master mariners with long years of experience at sea. They're also fully qualified practitioners that'll teach you everything you need to know, while giving you the confidence that you can do it too!

#3 - Accreditation & Certification

Their courses are accredited by Transport Malta - largest maritime flag in Europe, largest superyacht maritime flag in the world & 6th largest merchant maritime flag in the world.

Where Should You Start?

The Transport Malta Nautical License, that's where. This course allows you to traverse national waters. You'll have to be 18 years old to start this accreditation, but it's the best place for you to start off.

Want to get started ASAP? If you mention FreeHour, you'll get a 10% discount on your learning. Alsoooo if you decide to take up this endeavour with your friends or family members, you'll get further discount for doing the course in a group.

Time To Get Licensed!

If you feel the seas calling, take a chance and get your license today.

Also, if you want more information on Maritime and all the services they offer, feel free to visit their website here - or you can follow them on Instagram too.