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Get Hired In The Financial Sector Ahead Of Summer With Firstbridge

Need Some Extra Cash?

With summer fast approaching, students are on the lookout for new hiring opportunities at all times. If you're studying in the financial sector, we have some great opportunities for you with Firstbridge - who've been in the business since 2005.

Life At Firstbridge

Firstbridge is a young & dynamic team with a focus on going above and beyond for their customers and colleagues. They have a very positive working environment, with great teamwork and an open door communication policy across the whole company.

They nurture their own by having multiple team-building activities, including social gatherings and annual team-building events. Interested? Scroll for their open positions!

1. The Advisory Team

The advisory service offering is split in 4 pillars:

  • Business Planning

  • Funds & Incentives

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Strategy Leadership Meeting

They currently have an open role for Team Assistants, on a full time basis - click here to apply!

2. The Accountancy Team

The Accountancy offering can be summarised as follows:

  • Book-keeping to ensure the proper monitoring of your business activity as well as full compliance with Malta’s legal requirements.

  • Management reporting which is fundamental to addressing the ever-changing matters of modern-day businesses.

  • Financial reporting and documentation reviewing.

  • Budgeting, special-case reporting, and forecasting

Their open role here is for an Accountancy Executive, on a full-time basis - click here to apply!

3. Marketing Team

The Firstbridge marketing team works with both internal & external clients to help them build a stronger identity. They handle creative, social, strategy and digital aspects for companies to create a strong brand position in the market.

Firstbridge are looking for a Digital Content Writer on a part-time basis for the following brands:

  • Firstbridge

  • Basement2Boardroom

  • Pitchora

  • Go Electric

  • NIU Scooters

  • And others.

You can apply by clicking here!

4. Business Planning / Funds & Incentives Team

When it comes to preparation of business, feasibility reports, market research and process re-engineering - Firstbridge are looking for a Business Advisory Executive.

Click to apply for the full-time role here!

With regards to preparation of EU Funding applications with various agencies such as Malta Enterprise and Business Enhance, Firstbridge are looking for a Junior Business Advisory Executive

Click to apply for the full-time role here!

Many Open Roles!

You've got a great chance to get hired with Firstbridge in time for the summer months.

Be sure to check out the above links for the job requirements and a deeper look into what is to be expected for each role. Best of luck!

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