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Get Experienced In Engineering With Methode Electronics - Internships Are Now Available!

Kickstart Your Professional Career 🙏

Methode Electronics Malta Ltd. is a world-class custom engineering-based manufacturing company, specialising in the design of highly technological electronic devices and components.

Whether you're an undergraduate or postgraduate student in Engineering or the Sciences, or maybe you're interested in a student internship that gives you immediate hands-on experience within the industry, Methode Electronics are the answer.

They offer the best promising students internships within the Methode Academy. Let it be your unique successful student work experience and an investment into your future professional career at Methode.


Methode Means Possibilities 🙌

Methode are a leading global supplier of custom-engineered solutions; with multiple locations in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. They design, engineer, and produce mechatronic products for OEMs using a broad range of technologies for user interfaces, LED lighting systems, power distributions and sensor applications.

Their solutions are found in the end markets of transportation (including automotive, commercial vehicle, e-bike, aerospace, bus and rail), cloud computing infrastructure, construction equipment, consumer appliances and medical devices.

They operate within 4 main business segments, each of which designs and manufactures highly custom engineered products.


Students Speak 🗣

Meet Salvin & Jael, two of Methode's students within the Methode Academy.

Students studying for their MCAST Technical Diploma and those reading for their Engineering Degree at UM or MCAST are highly encouraged to apply to become part of the Methode Academy.

During their paid traineeship, students will not only be acquiring hands-on experience but will also acquire good organisational skills and a disciplined approach within a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.


Contact Methode today on 2389 1506 or by messaging their socials.


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