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Get Anti-Acne Masks In Ultra Stylish Designs For The Summer With Local Brand "Contain The Spread"

Need An Upgrade? 😷

Whether you're looking for a cooler, safer or healthier mask - Maltese company Contain The Spread are here just in time for summer.

They've got a super wide selection, as well as many options for customisation - here are the top 3 reasons to shop with them right now.

1. Top Of The Range PM2.5 Filters 🛡

Masks come in 2 or 3 layers - with an added level of a five-layer activated PM2.5 Filter.

This is an added layer of protection over the recommended guidelines for masks issued by international authorities, so safety is an absolute guarantee.


2. Luxurious Mulberry Silk ✨

Masks provide safety first & foremost, we all know that, but they also double as a convenient fashion statement. In this regard, Contain The Spread set themselves apart as one of the only mask brands on the island offering premium Mulberry Silk Masks.

Products made from this type of silk are usually amongst the most durable & luxurious, as it's the highest quality silk available for purchase and is more refined than other types of silk.

This type of silk is also highly breathable, 100% natural, odourless and hypoallergenic - making it a great option for those that suffer with skin issues. In short, Mulberry masks are a healthy, safe & long-lasting choice.

3. Custom Branded Masks 🚀

Whether you have your own brand, want to make an order for your workplace, or just want to create your own design - Contain The Spread give you loads of options.

The masks can be printed edge to edge in any pattern, or any custom colour/design. They can service teams of tens to thousands. You can print whatever you want on your facemask – whether it be a football team, a logo or your favourite pattern.

The masks also have a super snug & comfortable fit that's fully adjustable!

Last But Not Least! 🥰

1) - If you have little siblings, or baby cousins, they've also got kids options in a dedicated range of face masks tailored to small faces.

2) - Like helping the environment? These masks are fully reusable, and can be used, washed, and used again for months - even years!

3) - The Maltese company has also just launched free delivery in Malta & Gozo! 🥳

Visit their website by clicking the below logo!

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