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Get ACCA Qualified AND On-The-Job Experience With The Amazing RSM Malta Team!

A New Journey Awaits 🌟

If you're working towards earning an ACCA, RSM is an excellent way to get qualified AND get experienced at the same time. Yep, they actually offer to teach & certify you, alongside the opportunity to officially form part of their team and get hired while you study!

A Qualified Trip ✈️

Your first steps at RSM will be made during the Bootcamp period, which takes place between October & December of 2021. This is made up 3 fundamental modules (F1-F3), and a total of 5 days attending training. Once this introductory phase is completed, you'll move on to...

Phase 1: (January 2022 – February 2023)

• 6 Fundamental modules (F4-F9)

• Sponsorship of tuition & examination costs

3 days working at 8hrs per day

• 2 days focused on lectures, revision, etc.

• 3 days of study leave per F paper


Phase 2: (February 2023 – March 2024)

• ACCA Professional Papers

• Sponsorship of tuition & examination costs

4 days working at 8hrs per day

• 1 day focused on lectures, revision, etc.

This extensive & hands-on experience is a brilliant jumpstart for your career, one that'll allow you to network with some key-players in the industry, while teaching you essential skills that you'll make use of as you climb the corporate ladder to success.

You might be asking though, why choose RSM? 🤔

A Commitment To Excellence 🏆

RSM Malta have been in the business for over 16 years now. They were founded in 2005, and moved in to their state-of-the-art office space in Zebbug back in 2017.

The firm’s mission statement? - "Delivering the power of being understood" - this is an all-inclusive workspace that listens to all opinions, thereby fostering real acceptance & growth.

Partners and managers are very approachable and eager to teach their staff members, reflecting in an amazing company culture for nearly 200 team members.


What's even better is that RSM Malta is a member of RSM International; a network of firms with more than 820 offices across the globe.

On this note, RSM Malta also prides itself in providing excellent growth & learning opportunities. In fact, young recruits get the chance to work on real-life client engagements rather than being presented with endless hours of training.

As you can see above, they play as hard as they work! Every month, special team events are organised exclusively for staff members to keep the mood around the office light, friendly and welcoming. Events have ranged from pool parties to kazinati to ice cream days!

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