• Ryan Calleja Urry

Get A Job Next Summer With EF's TEFL Course Starting This October ☀️ 🎓

Think you have what it takes to teach? Want a new experience that pays well? EF might be the place for you. Teaching is an art that can be fun and rewarding at the same time, and interacting with students of different backgrounds can really level up your local perspective to a global scale. Interested yet? Keep scrolling.


Who's EF? Are they cool? 😅

EF, short for Education First, is the largest educational organisation in the world, and is still growing everyday. Founded in 1965 in Sweden, EF is an international brand that now spans 114 different countries and regions. EF offers a unique learning experience, guiding students to express themselves in different languages, travel, meet new people, and immerse themselves in various cultures.

Learning how to teach a language can be quite difficult, but EF are up for the challenge. Not only will you earn a TEFL certification by the end of this course, but you'll also be set up for employment within EF itself, yes they'll literally hire you. Very cool.


What will I be doing during the course? ✏️

The course is a TEFL Course recognised by the ELT Council. Offering a trainer-led programme with a fun and informative mix of:

  • Face-to-face tuition

  • Hands-on Workshops

  • Observations of Real Communicative Lessons

  • One-to-One Tutorials

Throughout the course, students will be able to teach real students and observe live lessons instead of simulated groups and classes. Apart from getting a job locally upon course completion, there are also opportunities to teach with EF abroad ✈️

Interested applicants can contact EF on alexandra.bianco@ef.com


What's The Course Structure? When Can I Start? 🎒

Next available course runs from October 14th to November 22nd, so apply quick! It's a 60 hour course in total – 3 lessons of 3 hours per week held on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings.


Any Entry Requirements? 🤔

  • Students need to be in possession of a minimum pass at English O-Level.

  • Successfully complete a straightforward 45-minute proficiency test, pass mark of 75%.


Pricing? 💵

The course fee is 250 Euros, but keep in mind that you'll receive 100% of your cash back from EF after successfully completing the course and getting employed* (T&Cs apply)


Thanks for reading 😊 If you want even more information, you can check out EF's website, take the leap and try something new!