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Get A Fully Customizable Gift With Local Brand Tink 🎁

Celebratink Special Moments 🎉

Being the first of its kind locally, Tink was born in 2013 to creatively assist people with a wide range of keepsake tinks to celebrate the most cherished moments of life.

With a strong appreciation to our mother tongue, through various #BilMalti products thetinkshop.com is continuously facilitating gift-giving with top-notch quality & efficiency,

Boasting thousands of gift options, thetinkshop.com offers the ability for customers to create their gift directly online, from the comfort of their home. Tink's website is award-winning too, having won the Best eCommerce Site (B2C) in the eBusiness Awards in 2019.


Tink Offers 3 Main Types Of Gifts 🎁

#1 - Choose one of Tink's thousands of ready-made designs, and get the option of personalising the product to your liking, with your own words, names or photos.

#2 - You can also create a completely new design from scratch! You don't need any design experience whatsoever to be able to create a memorable gift for your friends or loved ones!

It's a super easy process 🌟

Step 1 - Hop over to thetinkshop.com/create

Step 2 - Get creative & create your design

Step 3 - Submit your order!

#3 - If you procrastinated a little, and need a gift right away you can always choose an item from Tink’s range of ready-made products.

Click the below image to explore their extensive range!

Tink prides itself on being highly customer-centric - offering international-level product quality and 5-star customer service. They've got fast delivery times, and have a super-wide selection of products ranging from mugs, to t-shirts, wall art, photo plaques, engraved glasses, cutting boards, coasters & many more!

Apart from all the personalised items, there's also their sister brand: RIBELLI ® (ribelli.mt)

offering cheeky and somewhat naughty Maltese-themed t-shirts and novelties.


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