Frustrated Maltese Teacher Goes On Viral Rant On "Stupid Petition" To Cancel MATSEC Exams 🎓

Coronavirus sucks, we can all agree on that right?

If you're a student right now, you fall within 2 categories. Either you're spending your days hibernating in bed, regularly following new meme pages without a care in the world...


You're practically tearing your hair out at the extreme anxiety caused by 1. You missing out on important lessons and 2. Potentially not being able to sit for your exams. Oh, and the global pandemic threatening to kill us all, that too.

Either way, the below info should give you a little clarity on the options we have ahead of us...

First Of All, What's The Petition About? 🤔

Well, we all know there's been a lot of confusion and hassle surrounding the uncertain future of MATSEC Examinations. In this petition, a student named George Portelli has put forth the idea that pushing exams backwards is just not enough.

In fact, he's suggested that exams are completely cancelled outright, and instead, a system should be adopted whereby students get their grade through a) predictive assessments or b) a teacher's recommendation based on previous grades.

Why The Petition Ideas Are Unfair 📚

" What is it with this stupid petition anyways? "

That's the first line on Kurt Fenech's recent Facebook post, he's clearly not loving the idea.

This post has since gone a little viral, gathering approximately 500 likes, 200 comments and more than 130 shares. In it, Kurt addresses a few key issues with the ideas presented in the above petition.

Point #1

Kurt starts by saying that for the diligent students who've been preparing super hard over the past 2 years, cancelling the MATSEC Examinations would simply be an unfair move, as it extinguishes all of the hard work and late nights that they've put into preparing themselves.

Definitely agree with Kurt here.

Point #2

" I think the best option at this stage is to postpone the upcoming April/May session by a couple of months and be held in June/July or July/August until hopefully the situation becomes more stable and safe. "

Kurt continues the above quote by saying that he understands that this might mean a lack of resit sessions, however he also stresses that if exams are pushed back, that would mean that students are given an extra 2 - 3 months of study time, which he feels is more than enough time to fairly compensate.

Point #3

" There are students who themselves or their family members are passing through much much worse struggles and they still manage to study and eventually sit for their exams. So come on, don’t use the current situation as a scapegoat and come up with all the possible excuses to avoid sitting for the exams. "

While I personally feel that this situation can be quite taxing on the mental health of some families, I do tend to agree with Kurt on the above quote too.

P.S. Kurt ends by saying that the petition isn't necessarily the worst idea in the world, however it should only be used as a very last resort if no possible other option is available.

Do you agree with Kurt? Or is there a better way?

Let us know in our Facebook comments! 🥰