• Daniel Tihn

From Smartwatches To Coolers: The Top 10 Kickstarted Projects Of All Time

The world is full of good ideas. Whether it's a brand-new type of board game, a cool piece of innovative tech, or an awesome student app, you are gonna need a little bit of cash flow to get you going (venture capital as we say in the biz). As per usual, the internet is here to help, and with so many different types of crowd funding platforms out there, it's only fair to look at the biggest and most-used site of them all; Kickstarter.

Launched in 2009, Kickstarter has funded 168,148 projects and has had over $4.5 billion dollars pledged, making regular old ideas into fully fledged products. But what are the top most funded products on Kickstarter right now?


1. Pebble Time Smartwatch - $20,338,986

Pebble Time is a smartwatch that came out in 2015, meaning that it has completely lost all relevance. When you look at it, you will think about how far we have come in terms of technology in the past 4 years because my god, is it bland. But back then, it was enough to make them the number 1 funded campaign on the site.

In 2016, Pebble sold to Fitbit for $40 million, so I guess it worked out for them in the end (seriously, the watch looks like it runs on Windows 95).


2. Coolest Cooler - $13,285,226

You would think that cooling your drinks was an invention of the past, but think again! The Coolest Cooler is truly cool as it cools your drinks while also offering a cool built-in ice crushing blender that helps you cool down, cool USB ports to charge your cool smartphone, and a cool speaker to help make your day even cooler. COOL.


3. Pebble 2 Smartwatch - $12,779,843

Wait, didn't I just write about this? Oh, they released a second one? That sounds sweet, I guess.

The Pebble 2 was essentially the same as the first one, but a bit more Fitbit-y yet still doesn't compare to today's tech (it was still cool enough to be third on this list though).


4. Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 - $12,393,139

A tabletop horror board game all about slaying monsters with your friends. Using miniatures and cards, you fight your way through many bizarre and cunning monsters in the hopes to survive the onslaught and start a new civilisation. Sounds super nerdy, but if you are into D&D or Warhammer, you will probably enjoy the game (which is most of the internet including me. I'm looking for a D&D group so hmu).


5. Travel Tripod - $12,143,435

Have you ever seen a normal tripod? Most good tripods are as big as a VW camper van and weigh are as heavy as 2 of them combined, so this new tripod is incredible for anyone in the media industry. Shipping later this year, it's cool to see a new product in the top 5 Kickstarters, especially something that will really help save time, money, and energy in the long run (also helping you avoid breaking your back anytime you want to take a photo).


6. Critical Role: The Legend of Vox Machina - $11,385,449

Critical Role is a weekly tabletop stream that follows a group of friends (who are also professional voice actors) as they play D&D. With so many people wanting an animated series following their adventures, they have decided to make their dreams come true.

With the biggest opening day on Kickstarter ($4.7 million in 24 hours), Critical Role: The Legend of Vox Machina promises to be awesome when it launches in 2020 (Seriously though, message me if you are looking for a new party member).


7. Pebble: E-Paper Watch - $10,266,845

OH MY GOD, seriously, another one! Wait, didn't they sell to Fitbit for $40 million?

If you combine this Kickstarter with their previous 2, they raised about $43.2 million. I take it back, it didn't work out for them.


8. Baubax's Travel Jackets - $9,192,055

This jacket is made with anything you would ever need when travelling. It includes about a billion pockets, a face mask, a neck pillow, gloves, and a bunch more crap that may be considered over kill yet will come in useful at some point.

Baubax Kickstarted an updated version of this jacket, yet it didn't so well, not even making half of the original.


9. Exploding Kittens - $8,782,571

While kittens exploding may not be the most humane-sounding thing ever, it does make a comedic title for a card game. The game is simple, you draw cards until someone draws an exploding kitten, booting them from the game. There are ways around it and whatnot, but the bottom line is try not to die by these loud yet cute felines.

The game is quite fun and should be way higher on the list but hey, $8.7 million ain't bad at all.


10. OUYA - $8,596,474

The OUYA is the best-selling console of all time, beating out modern consoles every year in global sales. Lol, yeah right.

The OUYA was a cool idea but never really got anywhere, mainly being used as an emulator for older games and not much more. To make matters worse, Razer, who bought OUYA after their commercial failure, discontinued the product nearly immediately and, on June, 2019, has stopped updating the software of the console since June, 2019.

It could have been so much better...


Have you ever backed anything on Kickstarter or any other crowd funded projects? Tell us in the comments below. 💰