• Ryan Calleja Urry

From Facials To Tattoo Removals, Transforma Offer Quick Cosmetic Services Tailored For Students 😁

If you haven't heard of Transforma, they're a clinic specialising in aesthetics and cosmetics. Below is a short list of the services that you may find most interesting as a student. If you want to check out their full range of services, you can do so on Transforma's website.


Tattoo Removal

We all make some bad decisions, especially with a couple of jagerbombs in our system, thankfully Transforma aren't here to judge your 3 am mistakes 😅 Their tattoo removal service utilises the Medlite C6, which is a Q-switched ND Yag laser removal machine with record-breaking results.

This piece of tech fires laser beams at the ink in your tattoo, which is then shattered and cleared by your body's natural processes. Black ink will be the easiest to fade and in general results are very good. Coloured ink is more difficult to remove however nothing is impossible, as the machine can be set at various wavelengths specific for different pigments.

Each tattoo would require multiple sessions. The number of sessions varies according to the location of the tattoo, the colour, the depth of the injected ink, whether it has been layered, and the type of ink used by the artist.

Various forms of pain relief can be used during the procedure, such as chilled air, anaesthetic cream, or an injection of a local anaesthetic around the area to be treated. Fear not, the procedure is very fast, with treatments of small tattoos lasting seconds.


Carbon Facial

This kind of facial is pretty unique, leaving your skin brighter and smoother, fading out dark spots, enhancing radiance and reducing the visibility of pores 😲

Your doctor will start by cleaning your face and applying a layer of carbon paste to your skin. ND Yag laser is then applied over the paste, which makes the paste evaporate, and with it, extracts deep dirt from your blocked pores.

Lasting 30 minutes, the procedure is quite short and completely painless, so no anaesthetic cream is required.

Your skin will be bright and feel great from the moment you step out of the clinic 😌


Laser Hair Removal

Almost any body part can be treated. The most popular areas amongst women are the legs, bikini, underarms, and face. On the other hand, men often choose to laser their chest, stomach and back.

The laser works best in the areas where hair is the darkest and the thickest. In such areas, it would take about six sessions to eliminate most of the hair. You may then attend the clinic for touch-ups once or twice a year if need be.

A full-body session lasts just 90 mins, so pretty fast. It's also relatively pain-free, however, you may opt to apply anaesthetic for a more comfortable experience.  Make sure you come prepared for the session by shaving the area with a blade 3 days prior to the procedure and avoid tanning for two weeks prior to the session.

For you tattoo-lovers, Laser Hair Removal cannot be applied on areas which are already inked, so plan ahead. It is advisable to attend a session of hair laser removal on the desired area before you get tatted.


Interested? They also have a great Student Offer 😱

If you book a laser hair removal session, you get another hair-removal session in the same area completely free of charge on your next appointment, AND you get to choose between a free facial or make-up session to boot!

If you'd like to visit the store, Transforma are open Monday to Friday: 8 am – 7 pm and Saturday: 8 am – 1 pm. If you want to talk, they can be contacted on 21423838.

Book your free consultation here 😊


You can also like Transforma on Facebook to check out their offers or keep up with any new services they introduce to customers.