• Ryan Calleja Urry

FreeHour Teams Up With KSU To Create Malta's First Digital Freshers' Week 🚀 🎁

Freshers' Week is finally here and is going on right now. Organised by KSU, Freshers' Week is packed with activities for all new Uni students, serving as a relaxed introduction to the new school they'll be forming part of. On campus, you'll be able to take part in events, meet new people, win great prizes, and best of all: visit the FreeHour stall 😇

But what if you don't know about any of the stands? Or you're not sure where to find anything because you're terrible at directions?

It's chill, don't worry. To make sure you don't miss any of the Freshers' fun, and can keep track of everything that's going on, FreeHour has the answer for you with our new update!

Introducing The New

Freshers' Tab 🚀

The brand-new Freshers' section on the FreeHour app is now live!

Using this new tab, you'll be able to view all Freshers' stands in one, easy-to-access place.

After finding a stand that catches your interest, you can tap to find out some general info on the brand's campaign (including all the free things they're giving away which is what you really care about here), as well as find links to their website and social media pages.

Also, if you find a stand that you really love, you can save it to favourites ❤️


Free McDonalds & iPhone Giveaways!

Seriously? The first digital freshers section in Malta isn't enough for you? Well, alongside the main features, this new tab hosts 2 super offers! The first offer is from your favourite fast-food chain: McDonald's. It's a timed offer than can only be used once. As soon as you click the redeem button, a 15 minute timer begins until the discount is gone forever!

The second offer is sponsored by @playbygo and it's a giveaway, where you'll be able to win a FREE iPhone 11. All you have to do is screenshot your worst timetable day, post it to your insta story, and tag FreeHour & @playbygo :)

Head over to that new rocket symbol in the updated FreeHour app to find out how to win 😉

You can participate in these special giveaways by downloading or updating our app here. Also, don't forget to drop by our stall this week and say hi to us 🥰