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FreeHour Polls Suggest That Student COVID Fears Are Back, With 75% To Avoid Mass Events 🤔

We all saw this coming, right? 😕

Our glorious summer could only last so long. Unfortunately, as of last week, cases have begun to rise again in relation to a hotel takeover event. Two clusters of COVID cases were found in relation to this event, one of 6 cases and another of 14 cases.

Is This The Dreaded 2nd Wave? 😧

As things were calming down a month or so ago, people would speculate on a 2nd wave non-stop, but it never really came. Things continued to calm slowly, stores began to reopen, and people began to embrace the summertime... 🔆

Now, many summer events later, and around 3 weeks after our airport reopening, we've found ourselves on the brink of another mini-outbreak. From 6 cases to 0, to 14 from the hotel takeover - the past few days have been pretty eventful in terms of headlines.

Speaking of headlines, prime minister Robert Abela showed up in quite a few of them over the weekend after assuring the Maltese that "we won't succumb to fear over COVID-19, our economy will remain open"

Mr.Abela continued saying, “You have no chance, we reopened and we will remain open."

There were several predictions that unemployment will rise after COVID-19, however, the number of unemployed in Malta declined recently where "4,000 new jobs were created.”

There Seems To Be A Disconnect 😔

While our leader assures us that the economy will remain open, many have other ideas. Our student community in particular seems to be far more worried than Robert is...

The poll shown says that a staggering 75% of students have completely flipped back to lockdown mode, saying they will no longer attend mass events.

These statistics came even before the new 14 cases were announced, so you can imagine that people are even warier at this point.

Abela said that people “sowing doubt and fear” over the number of cases are motivated by a desire to harm the government by damaging the economy.

The 14 cases were confirmed on Sunday, marking the highest number of new cases in a day since May.

Agreeing, But Also Not 😅

The above are a couple of very interesting polls that took place yesterday on the @freehour_malta Instagram account. On one hand, we have 90% of students agreeing that public health should be valued over our economy...

Funnily enough though, the votes are split almost exactly down the middle, with 51% in favour of returning to self-isolation and 49% wanting to stay in. What does this mean? 🤔

With 90% of students saying they value public health over the economy, it's interesting to note that only 51% will exercise that sentiment by staying indoors.

So, are some students just keyboard warriors, or do people think that self-isolation is too extreme of a measure to take when social distancing & wearing masks are safe practices?

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