• Nicholas Gambin

FreeHour Poll Proves Malta Seriously Lacks Sex Education At School

Desperately Needing An Upgrade

The idea that teaching students about sex will encourage them to have sex is pre-historic & proven to be false.

Teens are going to have sex, regardless of whether you want them to or not. So the focus should be educating young people on having SAFE sex to prevent pregnancy & sexually-transmitted infections (STIs) & diseases (STDs).

55% of students told FreeHour their sex ed pushed them to avoid having pre-marital sex. When a teacher tells you that “there’s no need for contraception, you only have sex to have babies” (a student was actually told this), they’re actually doing more harm than good.

Sex Ed Must Be Inclusive

Sex does not only happen between a man & a woman who are both able-bodied. Marginalised communities like the LGBTQIA+ community & people with disabilities also have sex, but are completely left out in any form of sex education.

95% of students said that their sex ed was not inclusive towards students with disabilities. What is even more worrying is that this area is officially mentioned as part of the curriculum, which suggests teachers are failing to cover these topics.

In a society that continues to grow & become more inclusive, our education system must also move forward & grow in these areas.

Masturbation Is Not A Sin

70% of students said that their sex ed was solely focused on reproduction, which further emphasises the taboo placed on speaking about masturbation. 80% of students said that masturbation was never discussed in class.

Some of the things students commented that they were told include “masturbation is only for men”, “it’s wrong & it’s a sin”, & “you’ll get an addiction or have to go to therapy for it”.

Statements like these instil fear & anxiety in students. They would rather keep them in the dark instead of educating them & helping them navigate the whirlwind that is puberty.

No More Harmful Fear Tactics

Scaring students into not having sex can actually traumatize them rather than prepare them for the future. The biggest culprit of this is students watching videos like the Silent Scream when tackling abortion.

As one student shared with us:

“We were shown a vulgar video of a live abortion being done & the baby literally being ripped out. It was during our Religion lesson & the scope of it seemed to be to make us pro-life."

Imagine showing that video to a bunch of 12/13-year-olds, [this video]. Some students had to step out & wash their face because it made us sick to our stomach. It’s disgusting that they tried to manipulate students on abortion by making them fear the procedure.

Things Need To Change

  • 70% of our audience is not happy with the level of sex education in Malta

  • Pushing abstinence is not an effective contraceptive tool

  • Young people are going to have pre-marital sex & explore their sexuality

  • Scaremongering against abortion & sex with graphic videos in school has to stop

  • Schools have a duty to society & their students to update their sex ed so that it properly educates & prepares young people for life

In fact, this is why we’ve partnered up with Sex Clinic Malta on their new platform, helping to bridge the gap which has been left by the educational system.


What Improvements Should Be Made To Malta’s Sex Education?

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