• Ryan Calleja Urry

FreeHour Launches Mental Health Awareness Campaign To Help Students In Malta

A Helping Hand

This past year has been a difficult time for everybody involved, & even more so for students. Whether you’ve been directly affected by the pandemic or not, both from the constant uncertainty & the prolonged social isolation, most people’s mental health has likely taken a hit in some way. This is why we’re collaborating with University of Malta to launch a Mental Health Awareness Campaign, with the intention of putting our best foot forward in our mission to help students.

Real-Life Stories

Starting today, we’re giving real insight on stories of students who have struggled, backed up by stats from our Mental Health Survey. We’ve also launched a new website featuring these statistics along with videos we’ve created for this initiative. We’ve tailored all our content to specifically raise awareness & offer guidance for Malta’s students. Our aim is to generate a healthy discussion about mental health, all to help normalise conversations about the topic & to help de-stigmatise therapy, mental health conditions, and much more.

Need To Talk? 🗣

If you're going through anything right now, from stress to serious health issues, please reach out to the following spots to speak to real people that care 👇

For UM & JC Students: 

UM Health & Wellness Centre - um.edu.mt/services/health-wellness

2340 3988


For The General Public:

Richmond Foundation - richmond.org.mt

2122 4580 (1770)


You can also visit our dedicated website mentalhealth.freehour.eu for more information!

In Partnership with University of Malta