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FreeHour Launches 'Student Spotlight' Video Series Highlighting Real Student Experiences & Stories

Episode 1 🎬

Student Spotlight is FreeHour's brand new show in which we'll be highlighting students from all walks of life. You can expect all kinds of stories here - from successful entrepreneurs to wild adventurers to mental health activists and everything in between.

For our first episode, we decided to highlight the story of Sara Marston, a 21-year-old girl who battled and survived cancer & chemo - here are our 3 takeaways from the interview.


1. A Strong Support System

Sara emphasised how whilst at times it was very tough to maintain a positive attitude, this remained the key to her mental stability, with the biggest contributors being friends, family & the nurses around her.

After 6 months undergoing chemotherapy, Sara described her last day in the Rainbow Ward as one of mixed emotions, as she said her goodbyes to many nurses & carers whom she had formed strong relationships with.


2. You’ll Come Out Stronger

When asked how she returned to living a “normal life”, Sara explained that things never really went back to normal - this wasn’t all bad though.

She explained how the experience gave her a new love for life & a stronger desire to travel the world. It made her cherish her time and further prioritise herself and her goals.


3. Quick Fire Questions

During our round of rapid-fire questions, Sara gave the wise advice of taking a long look at your wardrobe before spending a hefty sum on new clothes.

Answering “if you could be in someone else’s shoes for one day, who would it be?”, Sara showed her had admiration for Marine Biologist Sylvia Earle along with the iconic David Attenborough.

You can watch the full video below 👇


Thank You Sara ❣️

Sharing a story like this definitely isn't easy, but as Sara said herself, it definitely helps a lot of other people who have been or are going through similar situations right now.

If you have a story of your own that you'd like to share, please don't hesitate to contact us at hello@freehour.eu - you might be in our next episode! 😇

Also, a big thanks goes out to KNZ Malta who've partnered with us on this series, to help spread the stories of youths & give back to our community in a positive way.


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