• Ryan Calleja Urry

FreeHour Launch Exclusive Custom Masks Available To Buy Online Right Now - With FREE Delivery 🤩

The Time Has Arrived ⏰

Have you ever wanted to rep some FreeHour Merch? We're about to give a select few of our biggest fans the opportunity to do just that - while practicing safety!

After much anticipation and requests from our community, FreeHour are finally ready to launch our very own custom masks...

The FreeHour Mask Designs 💙 🖤

As shown above, we'll have 2 main options to choose from - blue & black. Not only are these masks different colours, they're also different designs.

Our black mask features a more sleek look, with just our modern circle logo on display.

The blue mask features the classic FreeHour logo with matching text.

The Features 🔥

• Adjustable straps for a one-size-fits-all approach

• Washable & reusable

• Soft & breathable

Comfortable ear loops

These masks will provide optimal protection from dirt, smoke, pollutants, debris, and most importantly - COVID-19.

Produced from an outer polyester layer with an internal cotton layer, our FreeHour Masks can be machine washed using a low tumble dry option for daily use.

How To Buy 😷

To begin, we'll be launching a very limited & exclusive batch of 100 masks to our audience.

You can buy your very own mask right now, by clicking here or the below image.

They're going for just €5.00 - with FREE DELIVERY as a bonus!

Big thanks to ContainTheSpread for helping supply the masks!

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