• Daniel Tihn

FreeHour Is Looking For Italian Speaking Actors To Be Part Of One Of Our Upcoming Ads 🎬

Have you ever wanted to be a star? Do you want fame, money, more fame, and to be able to name your kids whatever you want without anyone batting an eyelid (man, who names their kid Psalm West?). Look no further friendo, because FreeHour is looking for actors, and not just any actor. FreeHour is looking for YOU! Well, maybe not exactly you but some of you reading this fit our requirements.

If you are confident in front of a camera, then you may be the perfect person to be in an upcoming FreeHour advert.

We Are Looking For Confident Italian Speakers

While being a good actor is already hard enough as is, we are looking for a couple of extra criteria from each candidate:

  • MUST speak fluent Italian

  • MUST be confident in themselves

  • MUST have a student-y look (so to all you bald 60-year-olds, piss off)

  • Preferably female

If you possess all of the above criteria, then you are in for a good chance at being a part of a FreeHour advert and meeting the team behind your favourite student app (hello).

How To Apply

Applying is easy. All you have to do is send an email to hello@freehour.eu with your CV and your portfolio (if you have one). Along with those, we will need to know your credit card details, your first pet's name, the first street you used to live on, and your mother's maiden name (for the love of God please don't send us that).

The position is paid, so for all you broke students, you don't need to worry about running the well dry any time soon, especially now that the next stipend is months away.

If you are interested, then don't forget to send an email to info@freehour.eu with any of your previous works such as video, photos, and any of your Social Media pages. We look forward to hearing from you!