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FreeHour Careers Month Is Back! Tap Into Malta’s Largest Graduate Recruitment Campaign 🇲🇹

What Is Careers Month? 👔

Last year, we launched our first-ever FreeHour Careers Month recruitment campaign, which turned out to be a huge success for both employers & job-seekers in Malta. It went so well that we’re bringing it back for a 2nd edition, all in partnership with Deloitte.

At some point in their lives, any student will ultimately find themselves entering into the working world. Be it just a summer job to earn some cash or more stable employment after graduating, this year’s students are next year’s employees.

However, entering any working industry for the first time can be intimidating. With the FreeHour Careers Month, our goal is to help students & youths get their foot through the door & assist them in their journey to employment.

How do we do this? By helping top brands across the Maltese Islands connect with potential candidates to find the best match - you can get involved by getting in touch with our Head of Sales Matthew Fenech at / 99279702, or scroll down to schedule your Careers Month Introductory Call.

If you're still on the fence, keep reading as we rewind to last year's statistics & showcase what we're offering you this year.

A Look Back At Last Year's Careers Month

Last year, we worked with 35+ local & international recruiters who were looking to advertise their recruitment opportunities with FreeHour's base of students & graduates. The industries we worked with ranged from insurance, to real estate, to accounting firms, to hospitality, & more. Aside from our dedicated recruitment section on the FreeHour App available to 25,500 students, our Instagram platform also plays a major role in our Careers Month with over 43K followers & 3.5 million content views per week.

Our content averages 1,700 likes per post & 10,000+ story views, which is above average engagement in the local media scene. All our content is also shared on our Facebook platform, which currently boasts 17,000+ likes.

Here's a round-up of last year's Careers Month:

  • Students submitted 500+ CVs & booked 150+ online interviews throughout the 30 day campaign on the FreeHour App.

  • We received 815,000 views & over 10,000 brand account taps of candidates actively visiting company websites or social media accounts.

  • We created 8 Recruitment Videos with Interview & Job Tips tailor made for students, which where viewed 166,000 times & generated 5,000+ likes & 388 shares.

  • We wrote 10 articles providing insight into the local job market, which received 130,000 views & reached 54,000 youths.

  • We posted 100+ Instagram Stories as part of the campaign reaching over 10,000-15,000 youths per story.

What's On Offer?

Advertising with FreeHour gives you access to a network of 43,000+ youths, allowing your content to reach ALL schools & educational institutions across our 25,500+ active app users, covering 95% of this age demographic in Malta.

You'll be able to position your brand/company as a go-to recruiter for students & youths across the Maltese Islands, whilst providing potential candidates with an effortless way to apply for jobs with your organisation.

Offering 1: CV Collection & Interviews

Students & graduates will be able to look through various companies on the app that currently have vacancies, with the option to upload their CVs whilst also being able to Book an Online Interview with the brand using our scheduling system & Microsoft Teams.

All logistics related to CV collections & online interview booking will be handled by FreeHour, so you don’t have to!

Offering 2: Social Media Content

FreeHour will be able to promote your vacancies whilst also positioning your brand as a go-to recruiter in your industry via creating content tailored for our following of over 43,000+ students, youths & graduates, primarily on Instagram. This will be achieved in the form of tailor made Social Media Content, full fledged video production, custom TikToks, engaging Instagram Stories & more.

How To Get Involved

We’re aiming to make this year’s Careers Month even bigger & better, but we’ve only got a limited number of slots available.

Reach out to us before the end of January for our early bird pricing & to secure your slot during our 2nd edition of the FreeHour Careers Month happening across February & March 2022.

Get in touch with:

Head of Sales - Matthew Fenech / 99279702

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