• Daniel Tihn

FreeHour At The 2019 MCA eBusiness Awards

For the second year in a row, FreeHour was nominated for an award at the Malta Communication Authority eBusiness Awards. We were super stoked to be nominated again for Best App for the second time, that is why most of our team went to go and WIN THAT AWARD (hopefully). After losing last year, we had our eyes on the prize yet were honoured to be nominated in the first place. Not to get soppy, but it's awesome to look back on our history and see where we started, and how we arrived at team of 6 being nominated for awards. Anyway, back to the awards.

Mingling & Drinks

The night started off by mingling with some drinks and finger foods. We essentially hung out and had fun as we spoke to other nominees and guests yet, since these are eBusiness awards we may have felt a bit out of place. I mean, when you typically think of business men & women, you don't think of 4 guys all under 22 talking about which party they are going to that weekend. Either way, we were having a blast as we waited anxiously for the award ceremony to start.

The Awards

There was a total of 7 different award categories:

  1. Best App

  2. Best eCommerce Site (B2C)

  3. Best eGovernment Initiative

  4. Best ICT Academic Dissertation with an eBusiness Theme

  5. Best Social Media Campaign (50% People's Choice)

  6. Best Use of Technology in Business Transformation

  7. Cybersecurity

Each award had its own set of criteria for winning, with 3 nominees per category. Nominated for Best App, we were up against eCabs Mobile APP and MAPFRE's SavviSave. After a couple of awards and speeches, Best App was next. After reading off the nominees, we waited with bated breath until they read out the winner: SavviSave. While not everything is about winning, it was a little disappointing to hear someone else be called out, especially after being nominated for 2 years in a row.

Our arch-enemies: SavviSave

Dinner At NomNom

After the awards ended, although we enjoyed it, we were in desperate need of a pick-me-up. The solution to our problem, was of course NomNom. After filling our award-shaped holes with burgers and drinks, we spent the rest of the night hanging out and relaxing, just glad that we had the opportunity to be there (awh, how wholesome).Well, that and we planned our revenge and underdog-like comeback to win at next year's eBusiness awards.

Speaking of NomNom, check out their Summer Student Offer on the app alongside many other amazing offers.

Tell us if you have ever used SavviSave in the comments below and who you wished to win Best App in the comments below. 🏅