• Daniel Tihn

FreeHour Are Looking For Italian Speaking Interns 🇮🇹

Here at FreeHour, we are always looking for new talent. If you don't know who we are, FreeHour is Malta's largest student app, with approximately 70% of students across the island registered on our app. The idea is simple, we let students input their timetables and share them with their friends while also offering anything a regular student would need such as offers, job postings, articles, and Insta content.

Like every other start-up, we plan to grow as we get larger as a company, and the time has finally come to let someone else into the FreeHour family.


We Need Italian Speakers

We aren't looking for a job to be filled. We aren't looking for the next president. We are looking for people. More specifically, we are looking for Italian speakers who have a love for media and online content.

This opportunity not only brings work experience, but allows you to be part of a growing company as you work side-by-side with the founder and the rest of the team.

While working in a friendly start-up environment, you will have to speak to clients in Italian, translate from English to Italian and vice versa, and create content in, you guessed it, Italian. This content would include:

  • Articles

  • Instagram Posts

  • General Communication With Clients & Students

But don't worry, we are here to learn together, so if you can do one or both of those things, as long as you can speak Italian then we want you to apply.

The internship will start off as unpaid, yet may lead into potential employment (if you're cool enough to be on the team, of course).


If you want examples of the type of content that we produce, feel free to look at our Instagram, our Facebook, and our Blog.

To apply, all you have to do is send your CV and a portfolio (if you have one) to hello@freehour.eu. Hope to hear from you soon! 😁