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Fireworks, Tears, Magic & ANOTHER Golden Buzzer! ⭐️ Malta's Got Talent Had It All This Week!! 🤣

Week 2, Anyone? 🤩

With magicians, eye-watering singing, hoola-hooping and flawless dancing, this week was definitely a high note.

Here's our rundown on some of the most entertaining acts of the evening 👇

#1 - The Festa Life You Missed This Summer 🎆

If you were looking for some unexpected talents, look no further than Joseph Mangion, a Mosta local who set the stage alight with this re-enaction of a Maltese Festa firework display.

It's a shock that this hilarious act didn't receive a Golden Buzzer, truly.

#2 - Morgan The Magician 🎩

14-year-old Morgan stole our hearts and our heads with his sneaky hands. Performing multiple complex tricks in quick succession, without skipping a beat, and all with some charming enthusiasm & charisma. Bravo.

#3 - Pitch Perfect 10-year-old Yulan Law 😲

Yulan might look like your average Maltese girl, but she definitely doesn't sound average.

Getting her lovely name from the Chinese lineage in her family, she belted out a passionate cover of Demi Lovato's 'Anyone' to wow the judges - to think such an amazing voice can come out of such a young girl! 🥰

#4 - Golden Buzzer Group 😍 - The Movement

The Movement wowed the judges with an incredible performance, managing to get themselves a golden buzzer!! Their flawless synchronicity was on another level 🥳

#5 - Holy Hoops 😱

We're officially obsessed with Claire and her hoops, she definitely brought an original act to the stage making use of 30 different hoops in her act. The judges loved it, so much in fact that Sosa & Maxine even went up on stage and gave the hoops a whirl themselves 🤣

#6 - All About That SAX 🎷

Luca Gurrieri gave an entertaining performance to get us grooving thanks to the use of his trusty saxophone 😎 Thank god his girlfriend made him enter the competition 😅

#7 - Waterfall Dance Group Sweeps Through 👯‍♀️

It was a close call for Waterfall, who had a star lead dancer but unfortunately a slightly sloppy group performance. The idea was quite good, as they moved to a mashup of popular songs from Jaden's 'Icon' to Jack Harlow's 'What's Poppin'.

Though still very impressive they have to up their game to stay in 😳

More Updates To Come 🚨

We'll be posting recaps throughout the show's ups & downs, stay tuned for more talent! 🎉

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