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Find Next-Gen Talent From University, MCAST & All 6th Forms With This 30 Day Careers Campaign 🇲🇹

A Short Intro To FreeHour

FreeHour is a student app & social platform which captures 90% of the entire student demographic across the Maltese Islands. We have a total of 25,000 students registered on the FreeHour App, and 30,000 loyal followers on Instagram.

With regards to experience, over the last 3 years, the local start up has won countless awards in its space & has since established a talented team of 12 employees, who specialise in content, marketing & consultancy towards effective brand building within the local 15 to 25 year old demographic.

This is done by having a constant pulse on what's hot in youth culture, and understanding the right content & marketing methods that work best to keep this age group engaged.


The FreeHour Careers Month 🎓

As you know, February and March are hot months for recruiting, especially with the many fresh graduates, undergrads and internships beginning to spark interest in the job market.

So, FreeHour has created the perfect campaign & event for recruiting season, by bringing together our entire GenZ demographic, with Malta's top employers.

With the introduction of our new Careers Section on the FreeHour App, FreeHour will be hosting a 30 Day Recruitment campaign, allowing exclusive brands to tap into FreeHour’s 25,000+ local students from University, MCAST & every single 6th form on the island with their recruitment opportunities.

Directly from the FreeHour App, brands will have the ability to collect hundreds of Student CVs, whilst also giving the option for students book physical 15 Min Speed Dating style interviews at 230 Works Co-Working Cafe in Mosta, spread over 2 days.

Read on to discover the top 5 reasons your brand should get involved!

Here Are The Details 🗣

Exposure, Reach & Duration

The FreeHour Careers Month will target ALL schools & educational institutions across the island, not just one individual campus. This means that this event will be seen by the entire local student audience - maximising on reach & recruitment presence.

The online campaign won't just be a couple of days long. This is a full-length, month-long campaign (30 days). This provides recruiters with long-lasting, brand-building benefits that extend well beyond the campaign's runtime as well as further.


Option 1: 30 Day Online Listing + CV Collection

🔎 With this option, your brand will have a 30 Day Online Listing + CV Collection on the FreeHour App Careers Month section. Here your brand can breakdown all the required info about your recruiting opportunities, ideal candidates & job requirements, whilst also including links to your Website & Social Media.

On top of this, students will also be able to upload and send in their CVs to your brand with just one click. This way, employers will be able to receive applications from hundreds of potential candidates, through a custom Google Form that FreeHour has created.

  • This option is available for 30 Days with the Online Career Slot option & comes with additional social media promotion included in the package.

Contact us for more info & booking.

Option 2: In-Person Interviews at 230 Works - Mosta

🔎 With this option, employers get the benefit of the Online Listing & CV Collection explained in Option 1, however with the additional benefit of being able to meet candidates in person with approx. 15 Min Speed Dating Interviews held at 230 Works Co-Working Cafe in Mosta, directly pre-booked & scheduled from the FreeHour App.

  • This way, employers will get the opportunity to experience a high volume of CV collections, whilst also being able to interview them over 2 afternoons.

  • The physical option is limited to 15 brands due to COVID-19 restrictions. Included in the price, your brand will access the 30 Days Online Career Slot + 2 Days Physical Stand, along with additional Social Media Post, Push Notification & After Movie Video.

Contact us for more info & booking.

Bonus: The Career Tips Videos & Articles

🔎 FreeHour App will also have a Careers Tips section whereby representatives, HR managers or CEO’s are able to feature & sponsor a wide range of different content to broaden your brands HR presence & to further attract prospective employees. The content will be visible for the entire 30-day duration on the FreeHour App & our Social Media channels.

Here are the options:

  • Short Video Interviews - 1-2 min video of company a representative speaking to camera, providing unique insight in relation to the industry, specific brand & any other relevant topics, filmed by FreeHour & featured on our Social Media channels & the FreeHour App for 30 days.

  • Written Articles - Organic career based articles written by FreeHour, with the specific brand having prominent presence within the article & fully sponsoring the content itself in relation to the industry, specific brand & any other relevant recruitment topic. Featured on Social Media & the FH App for 30 days. Example.

Contact us for more info & booking.


How To Get Involved

With the campaign kicking off as of mid-February with a limited number of slots available, be sure to reach out to us before the 18th of February. Based on our most recent Freshers' 2020 Campaign, which generated a staggering 2.6 million impressions, reaching literally every single student in Malta, we are super confident this campaign will serve as a brilliant employer branding & recruitment exercise to all brands that are involved.

As can be seen below, over the last years, FreeHour has been trusted by over 150 of Malta's top brands in every sector you can imagine, giving you a sense of re-assurance when investing & testing out our platform.

Get in touch with: Matthew Fenech - matt@freehour.eu / 99279702

We look forward to working with you!