• Ryan Calleja Urry

Fill In Our Short Survey & Help Raise Mental Health Awareness For Students In Malta

Help Us Help You!

The mental health of students is a topic we should never stop having conversations about. This is even more important now, with the constant pressure added by the pandemic over the last 18 months or so.

Together with University of Malta, we’re gathering data on the mental health of students. We want to use this survey to help improve the lives of students in our community.

You can help us on this new venture by filling out a super short anonymous survey, which you can find here


Details & Trigger Warning

The survey questions are taken from verified & validated questionnaires. These are used professionally in the healthcare field & are independently approved for use.

The survey results will be kept completely anonymous, and no details that can be used to identify any individuals will be asked.

It may contain triggering material, & it includes questions related to personal emotional state as well as mental health. You are free to exit the survey if you feel distressed at any point.

This survey closes on the 8th of July.

You can fill in the survey here


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