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February Is Black History Month - Watch These 5 Short Videos To Get Educated On Black History ✊🏽

Get Informed & Make A Difference 🙏

In case you weren't aware, February of every year marks Black History Month - a month aimed at remembering the battle for freedom and equal opportunity, as well as the celebration of the long list of achievements of black men and women around the world.

The below are 5 quick videos you can watch that highlight these very things, from black struggle and inequality, to black success and power.

#1 - What I Wasn't Taught In School 📖

This piece is a beautiful account of black history.

It's poetic, and highlights many different contributors to black history & black culture that have each made a huge impact on society throughout the years.

This video also highlights the shortcomings of most modern educational institutions in regards to teaching information that matters..

#2 - Overlooked Facts 🧠

From the origin of black history month itself, which was actually first known as black history week, to notable successes in the media industry - discover some little known facts about notable black pioneers below.

#3 - Movie Night? 🎬

A really great way that you can learn more about the ups and downs of black people is by watching a few films.

This is a great way to empathise & understand the struggle - to really understand the intricate, little-told stories that have and are still taking place to this day.

From the powerful "birth of a nation" to the profound "moonlight", here's a quick list of important films that are perfect for black history month.

#4 - Slaves Freeing Slaves ⛓

Hopefully, you've heard of this story before, if not, you should really tune in to this video.

It details the journey of one of the most noteworthy and highly acclaimed black women in black history, Harriet Tubman. You can find out more about her incredible life below.

#5 - A Local Story 🇲🇹

One of the largest race discussions in Malta took place following the assassination of Lassana Cisse. After his murder in 2019, a wide discussion was sparked around local racism - conversations which were driven home by large scale protests and outcries for justice.

Below is the full Lassana story, in documentary form, by Lovin Malta.

Education Is Your Responsibility! 📙

In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.

With access to the internet at your fingertips, as well as an endless number of books, films, documentaries, articles and much more - please do your part to get educated on the world around you so that you can better help those in need.

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