• Ryan Calleja Urry

Fashionable Specs At Just €45?! NAU Have A Wide Range Of Glasses That Cost Just Half Your Stipend

We'd all love to rock some designer glasses and flex on our friends, but being that students aren't very well known for having loads of cash just lying around, those 160 euro frames are usually quite out of reach.

Not to worry though, NAU in Tower Road Sliema are here to solve your optical issues with their gorgeous, hand-crafted and Italian inspired spectacles starting at just 45 euro each.

Who Are NAU?

NAU's core values are embodied within each of their frames; they believe in high-quality craftsmanship, vibrant colours, sustainability and authentic Italian styles, all tailored to your personal visual needs. Each year, 10% of the profits from these frames are dedicated to giving back, reinvesting in projects supporting social and environmental initiatives.

In terms of staff, their opticians and optometrists are selected to have the highest standard of competence in their respective fields. This curated staff is then supported with the latest in hi-tech equipment, resulting in a team that is dedicated to delivering the highest level of visual well-being for all customers.

NAU's Full Array Of Services 😱

Full Customer Support 🛠

NAU are committed to making each purchase a joyful experience and are determined in making sure you love your new pair.

Professional Advice 👩‍💼

NAU's trained staff are here to help you choose the prescription lenses that best match your eyes, your taste and your personal budget.

Interested in NAU's full online catalogue?

Their official website can be found right here 😌